Violette by Martin Provost (139′) Violette Leduc, born a bastard at the beginning of last century, meets Simone de Beauvoir. Then begins an intense relationship between the two women that will last throughout their lives, relationship based on the quest for freedom. In partnership with Institut Français and Matterden CFC Read More »

CLIMATE CHANGE – Home by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (94′)

Home by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (94′) A visually stunning, spectacular journey around the world. With aerial footage from fifty-four countries, ‘Home’ focuses on the current debate about climate change from a whole new angle; going well beyond the scientific reports. Read More »


From 30th November to 11th December, 195 countries will gather in Paris for the 21st Conference on climate, also known as COP 21. This conference would lead to the adoption of an internationally binding and universal agreement whose ultimate aim would be to achieve a carbon free society and economy. In this perspective, Alliance Française de Bombay will organize workshops, screenings and debates to generate awareness about climate change, highlight this issue and discuss possible solutions. SCHEDULE SPECIAL SCREENING Mon. ... Read More »


Jules et Jim by François Truffaut (105′)  Jules and Jim are 2 kind-hearted bohemian students in Belle-Epoque Paris. They share everything, artistic tastes, views on existence, conquests. One day they meet Catherine, a young woman as free as both of them. In partnership with Institut Français and Whistling Woods Andheri Base Read More »

ART PERFORMANCE | Hicham Berrada

Live auction at 8pm conducted by Saffron Art – Performance at 9pm French artist Hicham Berrada will perform his “Chemical Theater”, making chemicals react in front of a live audience. These transformations of matter put into motion by his manipulations are simultaneously filmed and projected onto the screen, plunging the spectator into a world of fascinating colours and forms. In partnership with Institut Français en Inde, Mumbai Art Room and What About Art Read More »

FRENCH CINEMA @ MATTERDEN CFC – Lulu Femme Nue / Lulu in the Nude

Lulu Femme Nue / Lulu in the Nude by Sólveig Anspach (100′) A housewife’s unexpected abandonment of her life leads to connections with other emotionally isolated women. Lulu in the nude is a French comedy-drama film directed by Sólveig Anspach and based on the comic book Lulu femme nue by Etienne Davodeau. In partnership with Institut Français and Matterden CFC Read More »

EXHIBITION | The Hermès Horse – Writing Contest for AF students

Writing Contest for AF Students On the occasion of  The Hermès Horse exhibition, the AFB invites its students to take up their pens for a special writing contest ! The rules are simple: pick on one work of art displayed at the exhibition and weave it into a story of a 1000 words, in French. Then, post it on the Facebook event with your name and group level before Mon. 30th. A very exciting prize by Hermès awaits the winner ... Read More »

WORKSHOP | The Perfumer’s Palette – An introduction to Perfumery

For all the perfume enthusiasts ! Join this introductory session to perfumery to measure your olfactory abilities, develop your sense of smell and acquire methods for memorizing fragrances…   Price: . Members of AF | Rs. 3000 inclusive of taxes . Non members | Rs. 3500 inclusive of taxes Registration at In partnership with ALL GOOD SCENTS Read More »