SYLVAIN RIFFLET – Rock-jazz concert

SYLVAIN RIFFLET at antiSOCIAL   Dive into the world of Sylvain Rifflet who conceives music as a utopia, a metaphorical vision of an imagined future. He creates a dream-like and disconcerting atmosphere, in which his clarinet or his saxophone graft his personal notes, sometimes lyrical, sometimes rhythmic and percussive. 9:00pm onwards Entry: Rs. 300/- for non-members & Rs. 200/- for Alliance Francaise de Bombay members and students *Club Rules Apply* This event is being organised with the support of SPEDIDAM and in partnership with antiSOCIAL Read More »

AF @ DR BHAU DAJI LAD MUSEUM – Cocteau and company

Cocteau and company by Jean-Paul Fargier (52′) Cocteau draws in front of the camera. We see a sure, definitive line develop – like a jazz musician or like writing in action. This unfolding line is the central figure of the film which presents a highly original erudite portrait of the artist, showing the constant interactions at work and the essence of a politic, eclectic research.   In partnership with Institut Français of India & Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum Read More »

FRENCH CINEMA – La vie et rien d’autre / Life and Nothing But

La vie et rien d’autre / Life and Nothing But by Bertrand Tavernier (135′) A year after WWI has ended, Major Dellaplane has the difficult task of identifying and interring fallen anonymous French soldiers. When a buried hospital train yields a fresh cargo of possibly recognizable bodies, Irene and Alice form an unlikely alliance with the Major. The three searchers will have to choose between life in a post-war world stripped of illusions or the seductive self-imprisonment of bitterness and mourning for days, lives and loves gone ... Read More »


MORROCAN CINEMA Fevers / Fièvres by Hicham Ayouch (89′)    At only thirteen, Benjamin is a little soldier at war with life, with adults and with himself. But when his mother goes to jail and reveals to Benjamin the existence of his father, the young boy is determined to get out of foster care. So when the social worker gives him the choice, he decides to go live at his unknown father’s place.   ♦Trailer♦   In partnership with Institut Français Read More »


Each of their performance confirms that classical music is universal and loved by everybody. Arties’s musicians have three things in common: they can all compare with the finest in Europe, they are all ready to play for a good cause and they have an uncompromising love for India. So come and experience the magic of Arties! Fees applicable | Registration at NCPA box-office Read More »

FRANCOPHONIE WEEK | QUEBEC CINEMA – La passion d’Augustine / The passion of Augustine

QUEBEC CINEMA La passion d’Augustine / The passion of Augustine by Léa Pool (103’) Followed by a discussion with the director of the Québec Governement Office,  Dominic Marcotte Mother Augustine runs a convent school for girls in the 1960s. Her students have won every prestigious music competition in the region. When her talented but rebellious niece joins the convent and the government threatens to shut down the school, her world is suddenly turned upside down. ♦Trailer♦   In partnership with Bureau du Québec à Mumbai ... Read More »


SWISS CINEMA Sam by Elena Hazanov (85′) Seven-year-old Sam has lived with his mother since his parents’ divorce and now finds himself forced to move in with his father Gérôme. Sam hardly knows his father. After a chaotic start, Sam succeeds in helping Gérôme to become more thoughtful and mature, all the while teaching him to be the father he dearly misses. ♦Trailer♦ In partnership with the Consulate General of Switzerland Read More »


LUXEMBOURG CINEMA Doudege Wénkel / Blind spot by Christophe Wagner (96′) Charismatic and mysterious Inspector Hastert takes on his last case before retirement: investigating the death of a fellow cop. He takes the help of Olivier, the brother of the departed cop. What starts as a seemingly simple crime grows into a more complicated web of lies and deceit, which threatens the lives of everyone involved. ♦Trailer♦ In partnership with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in India     Read More »

FRANCOPHONIE WEEK | BELGIAN CINEMA – Une vie de chat / A Cat In Paris

BELGIUM CINEMA Une vie de chat / A Cat In Paris by Jean-Loup Felicioli & Alain Gagnol (70′) A girl, struck mute by the trauma of her father’s death, follows her pet cat across the Parisian rooftops and discovers that the animal has been working as a burglar’s accomplice. ♦Trailer♦   In partnership with Institut Français & the Consulate General of Belgium Read More »