Centre Accessibility

The library offers different categories of membership Students: Students of Alliance Française de Bombay have free access to the library. The fees are:

Entrance Full Year
Single: Rs. 100/- Rs. 1200/-
Couple: Rs.200/- Rs. 2200
Life Member: Rs. 22 000/-

Membership Services

How many can be borrowed ? What are the durations?

  • Two books from the Easy French section. Two books from the general section.
  • Two magazines from Inside, the ones that are out on display are excluded.
  • Two comics can be borrowed.
  • Two music CDs and two DVDs can be borrowed.

Books, magazine and comics can be borrowed for three weeks, that is 21 days. CDs and DVDs can be borrowed for seven days. In case of delay in return of document, a fine of Rs. 3/- will be charged per document, per day. Institutional membership: open to institutions, organizations, universities, colleges…
Institutions can access the library on the payment of fees. This would enable them to borrow books, magazines, DVDs and CDs for a duration of 1 month (6 per type.) It is possible for them to sign a special agreement allowing them to borrow maximum 6 videos for 5 weeks. The fees structure is as follows: yearly: Rs. 3000 /- 6 months: Rs. 1500 /- 3 months: Rs 750.

Reservation: documents can also be reserved by phone, by post or in person. At a time, 2 documents can be reserved (per type, book, video…)
Extension of document: Renewals are done only within the loan term and can be done over the phone, e-mail or in person. They have to be done on the due date or before the due date. The document can be renewed only on the condition that it is not reserved already.
All members and students have to bring their card for borrowing and while returning the document borrowed. Without the card, the issue of any document is impossible

Rules of the library

  • In case of loss or damage of documents, the person will have to reimburse the value of the document or replace it.
  • All personal belongings should be left at the entrance.
  • Eatables, drinks are not allowed in the library.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off inside the library.
  • All members are requested to observe peace and quiet in the library

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