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City Tour of Mumbai

Visiting Mumbai ? Take a city tour with Alliance Française ! From Theosophy Hall (Alliance française main office) Western Railway Headquarters : bâtiment de style indo-sarrasin de l’époque coloniale; Cinéma Eros : architecture et décors intérieurs Art Déco (années 1920); Immeubles Art Déco de Queen’s Road : Court View, Empress Court, Rajjab Mahal, Palm Court; Traversée des maidan : match de cricket, meetings; Université de Bombay : néo-gothique; Rajabai Tower : néo-gothique vénitien; Haute Cour de Justice : néo-gothique; Vers ... Read More »

Magazine – Newsletter

Every three month, Impressions magazine opens a new window on French speaking cultures. Reviewing the cultural events organized by the Alliance, the magazine also gives his readers an opportunity to discover some little known aspects of France. By describing its provinces or by evoking on some social matter Impressions focuses on details that reveal a lot give a better idea of the all. Along with a cover story, its books, movie et music section bring in Bombay some news of ... Read More »

One-stop Solution for Official Interpretation

Interpretation Rates Weekdays Saturdays., Sundays & Holidays Outstation Half day (4 hrs) Rs. 4000 +GST Rs. 6 000 + GST Rs. 8 000 + GST Full day (7 hrs) Rs. 8 000 + GST Rs. 12 000 + GST Rs. 16 000 + GST Beyond 7 hrs Rs. 1300/hr + GST Rs. 1 500/hr + GST Rs. 1 700/hr + GST Note: All rates are subject to change without prior notice; 50% of estimated cost to be paid in advance, ... Read More »