World Music Day – Concert, Open-mic & Karaoke on 15th & 19th of June

Celebrated every year in June, World Music Day is a global event, free and open to all music styles, which allows you to tune into live music in all its diversity. 

This year, Alliance Française de Bombay will celebrate World Music Day by organising a concert on Thursday 15th of June with AntiSocial, one of the best live music venue and versatile space where you can enjoy music, food and drinks.

An open-mic and a karaoke free and open to all will also be organized on Monday 19th of June at AF Auditorium (Theosophy Hall).

CONCERT IN COLLABORATION WITH ANTISOCIAL – Thu. 15th of June, 9pm onwards, Antisocial

OPEN-MIC & FRENCH KARAOKE- Monday 19th, 1pm-3.45pm, AF Auditorium

In partnership with AntiSocial