Cinéma @ Prithvi : La Folie Almayer

In partnership with Prithvi Theatre and Institut Français From literature to film @ Prithvi La Folie Almayer, by Chantal Akerman (127’) Based on Joseph Conrad’s first novel, a benighted Dutch trader at a failed Malaysian outpost, is deserted by his beloved half-caste daughter Nina and determines to forget her before he dies.   Read More »

Documentary : Quarter 4/11

In partnership with Vikalp Film Archive Quarter 4/11, by Ranu Ghosh (69’) Shambhu Prasad Singh is a typical Indian “Common Man” Nobody would ever imagine him to be a “fighter”. His labour quarters looks like an anachronism in the midst of 35 story high towers that are coming up all around it. It is Calcutta’s prestigious South City Project – Eastern India’s largest mixed use real estate development in South Calcutta. Shambhu has thrown a challenge to the very forces ... Read More »

Cinéma : Un monde sans femmes

In partnership with Institut Français Un Monde Sans Femme, by Guillaume Brac (56’) A little sea resort on the Picardie coast, the last week of august. When handing over the keys to a rented apartment, Sylvain makes the acquaintance of two beautiful women. This is a fabulous occasion for him to escape his routine, single life in which women are a rarity, even if only for a few days. Quickly Sylvain’s new friends can’t do without him. Unfortunately, things get complicated when ... Read More »

Art Thursday : Les Contes de la Nuit (Part 2)

In partnership with Sakshi Gallery and Institut Français en Inde Les Contes de la nuit (Part 2), by Michel Ocelot Le garçon qui ne savait pas mentir Le garçon tam-tam La fille-biche et le fils de l’architecte Every night, a young girl, a boy and an old technician meet in a small theatre, which seems abandoned but is actually full of wonders. The three friends create, learn, draw, dress themselves up to play characters. And they play all along the ... Read More »

Special Event : Flashpoint Film Festival

Type : Film Festival In partnership with Solaris Pictures 3rd FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival brings together Indian & international films that deal with human rights issues at macro as well as micro level – from global concerns to indigenous issues. These films urge us to reflect, react, revolutionalize… and act as a ‘flashpointer’ to usher in change. This edition will screen about 20 features, shorts and documentaries on human rights issues. These films would serve  as  a  great  catalyst  ... Read More »