French Teaching Training : EducampFLE

EducampFLE July 2014

EducampFLE is a professional workshop open to French teachers, futur teachers of French. The afternoon is dedicated to sharing French (or Foreign language) teaching experiences.  The trainers will be the team of Alliance Française. More info : Free for members and students of the Alliance Française External teachers : 400 INR Registration required : Read More »

Special event : Flandres

Collaboration with Press-Club Mumbai Flandres  by Bruno Dumont (91’) Flanders tells the story of Demester, a man whose girlfriend cheats on him out of frustration with his lack of emotion. Demester is then sent to war, to an unnamed Middle Eastern country, where he experiences (and participates in) the horrors of war. In partnership with Press Club Mumbai and Institut Français   Read More »

Monsoon Project : Bakery and chocolate workshop

Watch expert chefs reveal the secrets of cupcake making during an interactive session and call yourself a cordon-bleu ! Sofitel, an international French chain of hotels, invites you to a macaroon and chocolate making demonstration at their bakery. Fees : 750 INR + taxes Registration required : In partnership with Sofitel Mumbai BKC Read More »

Monsoon Project : Graffiti workshop

Come and join us to splash on Bombay’s walls ! After painting a wall at the Hive, French Graffiti Artist ZDEY from the graffiti crew S1TR and Indian artist ZAKE from Mumbai based DIS crew, will conduct a workshop on some graffiti techniques. Go follow Zdey on his Instagram account to see more of his artwork @thegoodolzdey : Please find below the schedule of the day : From 11 am to 1 pm : Performance by artists and interaction with ... Read More »

Documentary : Wives and wives

Wives and wives by Pramod Pati (35’) A piece of vintage animation nation building advice from the 1960s. In this Films Division film from the cult director PramodPati, a somewhat tongue-in-cheek cartoon about a young man who goes to a marriage bureau to find the right kind of wife that will help in creating a model family! Wall Stories by Shashwati Talukdar (40′) ‘Wall Stories’ is a pictorial journey through the Garhwal region in the Western Himalayas. It tells the ... Read More »

Cinema : Foxfire

From literature to film @ Prithvi Foxfire , by Laurent Cantet (143’) Set in the 1950s, a group of young girls in upstate New York form their own gang. They build a solid friendship but their wild ways begin to get out of control. In partnership with Prithvi Theatre and Institut Français     Read More »

Monsoon Project : Guitar workshop

On the occasion of the Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival, Furtados presents an hour long interactive session organized by the largest Classical Guitar Festival in Asia. This will be followed by an hour long performance (30 minutes each) by two well-known classical guitarists from India – Theophilus Benjamin from Delhi and Veda Aggarwal from Pune. Theophilus Benjamin has been one of the leading classical guitarists in the capital. He is an active performer and was part of the New Delhi ... Read More »

Cinema : Sur la planche

Sur la planche, by Leila Kilani (110’) In Tangier, Badia and Imane, two young Moroccan girls of around twenty, who are part of an army of workers crowding the city daily. They both work in a shrimp-packaging factory, a difficult and humiliating job, where the strong odor of shrimp seeps into the pores of their skin. Badia’s hands are busy but her head is idle; she perfumes herself with lies to wash away the shrimp smell and pretends to be ... Read More »

Art Thursday : Cinema

De Larges Détails, sur les traces de Francis Alÿs by Julien Devaud (56′) This documentary focuses on Belgian-born contemporary artist Francis Alÿs, who has lived in Mexico City for the past fifteen years. Alys works across a wide range of mediums and genres and is known for the thought-provoking, performative nature of his work. This film explores the artist’s process in transforming the action of wandering into an art form. The film opens in Mexico City and then follows Alÿs ... Read More »

Special event : Mauvais sang

Collaboration with Press Club Mumbai Mauvais sang by Leo Carax (105’) In a Paris of the not too distant future, aging thieves Marc and Hans owe money to a tough American woman who gives them two weeks to pay. They scheme to steal and sell a new serum for a disease that’s killing lovers, but they need someone with quick steady hands. They recruit Alex, a disaffected youth who’s breaking up with Lise, his 16-year-old girlfriend. In the few days ... Read More »