THE ROOT REEL @ AF – Dweepa (Island)

Dweepa (Island), by Girish Kasaravalli (132′) Based on the highly acclaimed novel written by the prolific Kannada writer Na. D’Souza, The national award winning feature, Dweepa (Island) deals with an ‘inner’ theme: of human minds that isolate themselves due to former beliefs and convictions. Sita Parvata is an island slowly submerging due to the rains. Nagi and her family have to decide between accepting the government compensation and relocating to a safer place as others, or braving the rain. They choose ... Read More »

French cinema – Les règles du jeu / Rules of the Game

Les règles du jeu / Rules of the Game by Claudine Bories et Patrice Chagnard (106′) As unemployment rises, a busy human resources agency teaches clients, mostly inexperienced young people, how to become more appealing to potential employers. Some accept this as necessary evil, others condemn it as excessive conformism. **TRAILER** In partnership with Institut Français  Read More »

WHAT ABOUT ART – Man Ray, Monsieur 6 secondes

Man Ray, Monsieur 6 secondes by Jean-Paul Fargier, (53′) Great painter and photographer, Man Ray was principally active for some years as a portrait and fashion photographer and as a pioneer of new photographic techniques such as rayographs, solarizations and assemblage-objects.  He met French artist Marcel Duchamp, and together they collaborated on many inventions and formed the New York group of Dada artists. Ray later became associated with the Surrealist circle of artists and writers. This portrait of Man Ray tries to show the prolific ... Read More »

FROM LITERATURE TO FILM @ PRITHVI – Aya de Yopougon/ Aya of Yop City

Aya de Yopougon/ Aya of Yop City by Marguerite Abouet and Clément Oubrerie (84′) Towards the end of 70s, in Ivory Coast at Yopougon, a popular district of Abidjan, lives the 19 years old Aya, a serious girl who prefers staying at home to study rather than to go out with her friends. Aya spends her days between school, family and her two best friends : Adjoua and Bintou who only think about having fun in the dark nights of the ... Read More »

French cinema – La bataille de Solférino / Age of Panic

La bataille de Solférino / Age of Panic by Justine Triet (94′) On May 6th, 2012, second round of the presidential elections. Lætitia, TV journalist, has to cover the event at the heart of the crowd, the street of Solférino, when her ex, Vincent, shows up a day late to his court-appointed time to visit their two daughters. **TRAILER** In partnership with Institut Français  Read More »

EXHIBITION WAVE – SCREENING : Solutions locales pour un désordre global / Think global, Act rural

Solutions locales pour un désordre global / Think global, Act rural by Coline Serreau (117′) Camera in hand, Coline Serreau had traveled the world for nearly three years, to meet women and men who successfully experiment with new farming systems, repair environmental damage and suggest a better and healthier life by ensuring food security for all. **TRAILER** In partnership with BNB Paribas Read More »

French cinema – Lumumba

Lumumba by Raoul Peck (115′) The true story of the rise to power and brutal assassination of the formerly vilified and later redeemed leader of the independent Congo, Patrice Lumumba. **TRAILER** In partnership with Institut Français  Read More »

LITERATURE | A literary evening with Jean-Jacques Strobel

Jacques-Philippe Strobel, born in 1947, former industry executive, committed voyager, and occasional poet, believes in the sharing of  happiness. The long trip to Saint Jacques de Compostela is an opportunity, among others, to deepen his research into this belief. Passionate about humanism and brotherhood , he devotes his time to social volunteering, travel and writing. He lives and works in Lyon. During his visit to Mumbai he will stop over at the Cercle Littéraire for a reading of his poems in French. Here ... Read More »


Exhibition Wave: How Collective Ingenuity Is Changing The World At a time when the entire planet is facing tremendous economic, social and environmental challenges, a multitude of initiatives from around the world prove that solutions exist for doing more with less. The common ingredient in all this creative ferment? Collective ingenuity. Being flexible, keeping it simple, seizing opportunities, thinking differently: in an unstable world, the ingenious innovator develops a state of mind that’s agile enough to turn obstacles into opportunities. ... Read More »


My Sweet Pepper Land by Hinner Saleem (100′) In a remote village in Kurdistan lives the Kurdish patriot Baran who recently started working as a policeman. He cannot help but provoke the local villain Aziz Aga and finds himself supported by an attractive lady named Govend who works as a teacher. Like Baran, she represents another law, that of the young and autonomous Kurdish state. Govend is all the more vulnerable as she is not a married woman. ** TRAILER** In ... Read More »