FRENCH CINEMA – Milou en mai

Milou en mai by Louis Malle (108′) During the unrest and the strikes of May 1968 in France, Milou’s mother passes away. The events interfere with the plans for a funeral and disrupt the family and a stranded truck driver. For members of AF Bombay only ♦ Extract in French ♦ In partnership with Institut Français Read More »


Primaire by Hélène Angel (105′) Florence, a single mother and motivated elementary school teacher, works diligently to push her students to succeed in the classroom. Her life is changed when a new student arrives, and her son demands to live with his father. For members of AF Bombay only ♦ Trailer in French ♦ In partnership with Institut Français Read More »


In this special guided walkthrough organised in collaboration with the Piramal Museum of Art, we will cover Raza’s artistic journey – how he taught himself to introspect, assimilate, and express the different art styles he experienced through his sojourn from one city to another, from one idealism to another. We will start by examining the artist’s development from his student years at the Sir J.J. School, Bombay, his move to Paris, and the subsequent development of his styles of work. We will explore his journey ... Read More »


SHORT FILM FESTIVAL Mon. 30th and Tue. 31st, 6:30pm, Alliance Française Auditorium In partnership with Mirit Mikhail and Courtesy of The European Independent Film Festival, we bring to you two evenings of some of the best short films from India and France. A rare opportunity to discover some cinematic gems! Free and open to everyone | No registration needed | Films subtitled in English In partnership with Mirit Mikhail and Courtesy of The European Independent Film Festival Read More »

AF @ DR. BHAU DAJI LAD MUSEUM – Kandinsky, Bonnard, & Matisse

Jaune – Rouge – Bleu by Kandinsky (1925) L’atelier au mimosa by Bonnard (1939-46) La Tristesse du roi by Matisse (1952) Jaune – Rouge – Bleu is an abstract oil painting on canvas which is currently housed at the Musée National d’Art Moderne at the Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris). L’atelier au mimosa is a painting by the French painter and printmaker Pierre Bonnard who was one of the founding members of the Post-Impressionist group of avant-garde painters Les Nabis. La Tristesse du roi is ... Read More »


The Very Essence – Raza on Film by Laurent Bregeat (51′) In this special collaboration with the Piramal Museum of Art’s ongoing exhibition S.H. Raza: Traversing Terrains, Alliance Française will be screening four special films made by French filmmaker Laurent Bregeat on four great Indian painters – Akbar Padamsee, M F Husain, Ram Kumar and S H Raza. We start by commemorating the great Indian artist, S.H. Raza’s second death anniversary on 23rd July with the film The Very Essence. The film is a ... Read More »

FRENCH ANIMATION @ PRITHVI – Short films courtesy of Consulate General of Canada in Mumbai

Short Films courtesy of Consulate General of Canada in Mumbai We bring you a screening of the following animated shorts subtitled in English : Sur la route (9′) Le printemps de Méliè (27′) Oncle Bob a l’hôpital (14′) Bouche décousue (8′) Dimanche (10′) Le Petit Garcon et L’Oie Des Neiges (10′) Free and open to everyone |No registration needed Courtesy of Consulate General of Canada in Mumbai and in partnership with Prithvi Theatre Read More »

FRENCH CINEMA – Une vie violente

Une vie violente by Thierry de Peretti (107′) Even though there is a death threat against him, a man returns to Corsica for the funeral of a childhood friend. This serves as an occasion for him to reflect on the memories of his transformation from a middle class youth with conventional aspirations to a radicalized activist with dangerous ties. For members of AF Bombay only ♦ Trailer ♦ In partnership with Institut Français Read More »

MONSOON PROJECT – Puppetry Workshop

MONSOON PROJECT – Puppetry Workshop Sat. 14th, 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm, Alliance Française Auditorium Conducted by Frédéric Simon, this workshop will give you a taste of the world of puppetry – making simple puppets and basic manipulation techniques will be introduced. For anyone above 12 years of age! Workshop in English | Free and open to everyone | Registration via Read More »


Madame Hyde by Serge Bozon (95′) A teacher, loathed by her students and peers, is rendered unconscious after being struck by lightning. When she awakes, she discovers that she has a dangerous nocturnal alter ego. For members of AF Bombay only ♦ Trailer ♦ In partnership with Institut Français Read More »