Sugar and Spice Festival, Cinema celbrating Women

City: Bombay Location: Alliance Française Auditorium Date: Mon, 2010/04/12 – 7:00pm – Fri, 2010/04/16 – 7:00pm Category: Film screening Sugar and Spice Festival, Cinema celebrating Women Presented by Lumiere movies A delectable collection of films from around the world celebrating the spirit of women. 2 Days In Paris by Julie Delpy: Marion, a French photographer and Jack, an American interior designer, are a New York-based couple whose relationship has lost its spark. In an attempt to rekindle their romance they ... Read More »

Ciné Liberté

City: Bombay Date: Fri, 2010/04/09 – 6:30pm Category: Film screening Selection of short movies followed by a performance by the “Dancing Queens” In partnership with Queer Nazariya. Alliance francaise and Queer Nazariya are extremely pleased to present a selection of short films as a teaser to “Queer Nazariya’, an International Film Festival on gender and sexuality. The selection comprises of enticing shorts touching upon Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual issues: Everything (India/ 2002/ 8 min) by Harjant Gill; Sum Total (India/ ... Read More »

Eldorado by Bouli Lanners

City: Bombay Location: Alliance Française Auditorium Date: Tue, 2010/04/06 – 6:30pm Category: Film screening Eldorado by Bouli Lanners Yvan and Elie are two loners who wander aimlessly through their lives. Yvan is a quick-tempered 40-year-old vintage car dealer while Elie is a young burglar and ex-junkie. One day Yvan catches Elie trying to rob him. Instead of beating him up, he becomes strangely attached to him and agrees to drive him home to his parents in his old Chevrolet. Yvan and ... Read More »

West Beyrouth by Ziad Doueiri

City: Bombay Location: Alliance Française Auditorium Date: Tue, 2010/03/30 – 6:30pm Category: Film screening West Beyrouth by Ziad Doueiri It is Beirut, 1975. Tarek, Omar, and May are teenagers roaming the streets, listening to pop music and making super 8 films. School has been closed, and the city has been split into the Christian-controlled East Beirut and the Muslim militia-controlled West Beirut, where the teens live. They are forced to grow up faster in ways they had not expected as violence seizes the ... Read More »

Meeting Pierre Assouline

City: Bombay Location: Cercle Littéraire de Bombay Date: Fri, 2010/03/26 – 5:00pm Category: Conference In partnership with Cercle littéraire de Bombay Between October 2009 and January 2010, a group of students of the Alliance française has taken part in a special workshop “Correspondances”. The aim was to make student familiar with he works of a French writer in order to write him a letter giving an account of their impressions of his books. Mr. Pierre Assouline accepted to support this project and has ... Read More »

The Future of Media

City: Bombay Location: Kalna campus,Mumbai university Date: Fri, 2010/03/26 – 11:00am Price: Free Category: Film screening The Future of Media : Western and Indian perspectives In the presence of Pierre Assouline. In partnership with the Departments of French, Communication & Journalism, Civics & Political Science of the University of Mumbai. In the framework of the French language week, the French writer and journalist Pierre Assouline will participate in a panel discussion on the topic: “The Future of Media: Indian and Western ... Read More »

Jean Baptiste Gaubert & Bandish Project

City: Bombay Location: Open rehersels at vote Date: Wed, 2010/03/24 – 7:00pm – Sun, 2010/04/25 – 11:00pm Price: Free Category: Performance In partnership with Volte Jean Baptiste Gaubert is a young French painter known forhis creativity that is both abundant and original. Adapting his art to the requirements of our times, Jean Baptiste, blends 3 art forms to create an impressive and physically powerful ‘happening’. All his work is a performance combining musicpainting-video that is presented live before an audience.The fusion ... Read More »

Documentary with Vikalp Film Archive

City: Bombay Location: Alliance Française Auditorium Date: Fri, 2010/03/19 – 6:30pm Category: Film screening The other side of adulthood- childhood! In partnership with Vikalp Film Archive Kala Khatta by Advait Chandan A bald man’s wallet has been stolen,or has it? Kala Khatta is the story of a man and a boy – a bald man and a bold boy –an angry man and a hungry boy. Set on Girgaon Chowpatty – one of the most popular places in Mumbai, Kala Khatta ... Read More »


City: Bombay Location: Alliance Française Auditorium Date: Thu, 2010/03/11 – 6:30pm Category: Film screening Aaltra by Benoît Delépine This is the work of two veteran Belgian comedians who have started off their film career with a darkly humorous nod to humanity. Aaltra is the story of two warring neighbors whom suddenly, thanks to poorly built farm equipment, find themselves crippled for life. Read More »

“Dialogue in Diversity”

City: Bombay Location: BMB Galary Date: Mon, 2010/03/08 – 7:00pm Category: Film screening Fifth IAWRT Asian Women Film Festival 2010. Bring your own cushion and sit on the floor! The festival will be dedicated to short films across genres of animation, features and documentary film. It will present films that explore and reflect on how women filmmakers negotiate, resist or document political, social, cultural, environmental, educational or economic issues. Are they creating a new language of filmmaking, which reflects, explores ... Read More »